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Submersed Technologies design powerful and efficient marine propulsion systems that maximize performance and thereby minimize energy consumption. 

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We introduce our innovations to the specific component where the most significant power reduction is located in the marine drivetrain.



We are a team of highly skilled professionals including a Space Propulsion Engineer, a Chemical Engineer, a Rescue Diver and Fighter Aircraft Engineers.

We believe that the propeller represents old technology and needs to be replaced. After watching our documentary, you might agree with us.


Optimal Pitch offers enhanced maneuverability, significantly improved acceleration, and reduced fuel consumption. Patent pending.


A new method to precisely shape a fluid in the desired direction. This required a fusion of imagination and skilled fighter aircraft engineers. Patent pending.

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If you have a special competence in our field, have an interest in investing in Submersed Technologies, or are just plain curious about our future plans, please contact us at

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