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Submersed Technologies is green technology specialists in marine R&D. We develop powerful and efficient marine propulsion systems that minimize fuel consumption and waste production. 


Because 90% of world trade is transported by the shipping industry.

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We engineer marine propulsion technology with excellent performance and economy for the wellbeing of our planet.


Because more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean.



We are a team of highly skilled professionals including a Space Propulsion Engineer, a Chemical Engineer, a Rescue Diver and Fighter Aircraft Engineers.



Because current boat propulsion systems are still based upon Josef Ressel’s original propeller patent from 1827.

We firmly believe it’s time for a change!

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Our solutions
OptiPitch: Patent pending.

Optimal Pitch offers enhanced maneuverability, significantly improved acceleration, and reduced fuel consumption.

FluidShaper: Patent pending.

A new method to precisely shape a fluid in the desired direction. This required a fusion of imagination and skilled fighter aircraft engineers.

Cavitation delete: In progress.

Cavitation, which leads to power losses and significant marine noice, has long been a concern.

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If you have a special competence in our field, have an interest in investing in Submersed Technologies, or are just plain curious about our future plans, please contact us at

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