We engineer marine technology with excellent performance and economy for the well-being of our planet.

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our mission

We engineer marine technology with excellent performance and economy for the well-being of our planet.

Did you know that current boat propulsion systems are still based upon Josef Ressel’s original propeller patent from 1827?

We firmly believe it’s time for a change and are actively dedicated to discovering new methods, techniques and products to bring to the marine marketplace.

Our innovative team

We at Submersed Technologies are a team of highly skilled professionals who love the water and include an Rocket Propulsion Engineer, a Chemical Engineer, a Rescue Diver and a European High-Speed Boat Racing Champion. 


Mixing the ideas of these experienced professionals together and aiming them towards our mission has already produced amazing results.


Submersed Technologies is a Green Technology company, specializing in marine research and development to improve the operating efficiency of all types of watercraft. We develop more powerful and efficient marine propulsion systems and sleeker hull designs that consume less fuel and produce less waste. 

Why? Because 90% of Global Trade is still transported by sea!



Our research and development have already shown a drastic improvement on ship propeller design and we are continuously making exciting, green technology improvements.

Using our innovative and often outside-the-box techniques, boat prop design is poised to change dramatically.


Marine hull growth is a never-ending problem for ship owners. It increases water resistance and therefore increases fuel consumption and pollution.


We are discovering new methods and techniques to streamline hull performance and cut down on pollution, regardless of watercraft size.


Our R&D objective is to develop a complete Drone Search and Recovery System, DSRS combined with an automated load and report functionality.


We feel at home in the water.

Therefore, we are also drawn to exciting projects that can be done submerged.

Our videos

Proof of Concept

A PoC video that show our current performance improvements.

Fuel Consumption

A green tech video that show our current fuel consumption savings.

interested in
submeresed technologies?

If what you have just read sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you!

If you have a special competence in our field, have an interest in investing in Submersed Technologies, or are just plain curious about our future plans, please contact us at hello@submersed.tech.

October Update

Tooling, Torque, Hydrodynamic Drag, and a reference from the 1950s.

September Update

Fluid Dynamics / Boundary Layer Control, and an Inverview in Swedish Magazine Boat Life.

July Update

Propulsion Systems, Friction,

Water and increased Top Speed.